Monday, April 06, 2009

Sports Drinks Affect on Teeth

Sports drinks, by definition, are marketed to sportsy people, and those who have aspirations to be sportsy people.

Concerns are being raised, however, regarding this assumption -- because of their high sugar content, and dyes that give them their multiple Day-Glo color palate.

This article reports on research (from the New York University College of Dentistry) showing the effect of these sports on your teeth.

The study actually reads like a science fair project, but is no less compelling.

Researchers put teeth into containers that contain top-selling sports drinks. After soaking for up to 90 minutes, which the researchers said simulated sipping on the drinks throughout the day, the enamel coating of the teeth was partially eaten away. This allowed the drinks to leak into the bonelike material underneath the enamel, causing the teeth to soften and weaken.

There are many reasons not to drink "sugar water with dye", and this is another one.

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