Friday, July 17, 2009

My fmrs Mkt

This is my market. There is a rugby scrum around the veggies.

Another reason to love Fridays!!

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Healthcare stalled ... For now. But don't think this president isn't going to fold. They want more time; he's going to ask what they want it for; then Obama will give it to them in some form. This is just a tactic. 

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Red Alert For Health Care: Gang Of Six Centrist Senators Demands Delay

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Friday Afternoon

Heading to my Farmers Mkt. to get bread, smked salmon, salsa, and veggies.

Here is the link ... support YOUR local fmrs mkt!! It's good for everyone.

YOUR local Fmrs Mkt here:

Starbucks Serving Beer?

The starbucks company is going to start serving beer and wine.

What will that mean for states like PA, that requires you to go to a separate beer store -- where you can only buy beer if you buy it by the case, and a separate wine store??

RadioWill Show July 15 Recordings

This was an incredible show. If you want to know about healthcare, and the healthcare debate, we have got the info for you.

Below, we have interviewed a US Congresswoman (arguing the Dem side), a healthcare policy expert from the Heritage Foundation (arguing the Repub side), and a Washington DC lobbyist making sense of it all.

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts!!

Opening rant:

Conversation with PA Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz:

Conversation with callers:

Continued conversation with callers (after the 4 PM Newsbreak):

Conversation with Greg D'Angelo of the Heritage Foundation:

Continued rant:

Conversation with Lobbyist Gwen Mayes:

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