Friday, September 18, 2009

Red Wine Pill

Paul Rozin is a food psychologist who studies different cultures and the way they interact with their food.

In his surveys, he recently asked his groups if they would prefer a pill to get all their nutrients rather than food. Of all the cultures studied, Americans were the most likely of all to say YES to this question.

Unbelievable. We are a pill culture. And this is part of our Culture of Health that we must must must change.

So get ready, because there is an upcoming test of this pill culture coming in the new "red wine pill". This pill is making its way through the FDA process, and there are genetically modified versions of yeast-derived versions ... that may have little resemblance with a glass of Cabernet any more.

Bottom line:
Chances are that the benefits of red wine come through the interaction of resveritrol with the polyphenols, other bioactives, the sugars, the enzymes, and all the other components of the ONLY product on this earth known to give you the benefits of red wine -- it's call red wine.

We have a red wine pill already. It's liquid, comes in a bottle, and is corked.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Emotional Gravity Well

Ever listen to Click and Clack, the Tappert brothers, on NPR? They talk about perhaps the most boring subject on the planet ... car repair.

But you can't listen to that program for more than 10 minutes without cracking a smile or just laughing out loud.

Why? Because THEY laugh out loud, and it's completely infectious. I remembered them this weekend when I read this article in the NYTimes.

The jist is that we all infect each other with whatever emotionals we exhibit. We are social animals ... we are touched by those around us ... we 'ape' what we see. However you want to phrase it, the bottom line is that we do have an impact on those around us.

I call this an emotional gravity well. It is the pull toward positive or negative feelings, based on those feelings around you. If you are generally positive, you will create that particular species of gravity around you, and it will affect others. If you are generally negative, you will pass that negativity on to them as well.

Now, you can't think of this in a bad way -- like, oh no, now I have responsibility to my fellow man to walk around with a smile plastered to my face!! Everyone goes through ups and downs, and everybody knows that.

It's simply important to realize that you yourself can be affected by others in general (so hang out with positive people). Likewise, you can create positivity around you by focusing on the good and not the bad. The bonus prize here is that this draws positive people toward your positive emotional gravity well, which will support your improved emotional health in the process!!

That's what I call positive feedback!!

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