Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I'm now at a health fair for the Pittsburgh Pirates organization. It's
aninyeresting group -- lots of guys' guys.

I'm giving an intro talk in 30 minutes, w the chocolate. I hope they
like it.

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A Solution. But The Wrong Solution

HCG is a human pregnancy hormone that people inject into themselves, and some people are advising that you do this as a weight loss magic bullet.

However, as I point out in my podcast here, there are healthy solutions and unhealthy ones. Cutting off your head works as a weight loss strategy, but isn't ALL that healthy for you.

Bulimia is an illness and results in weight loss, but you shouldn't do that.

And HCG has been called absolutely worthless and even dangerous by the American Medical Association. Don't fall for this, because in the end you will return to the original behaviors that led you to believe you needed to inject yourself with a pregnancy hormone in the first place!!

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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Mammograms, Confusion, and Cancer

This article in the NYTimes explores the confusion around mammograms.

We thought that "get your mammograms" was a simple and pat thing to do. We thought it was obvious advice, and we were told so. Well, now that we've had it done a gazillion times to women across the country, we learn that mammography shows us when nothing's wrong (when it actually might be), and shows us when something IS wrong (when it actually might not be).

Does this mean we should scrap the process or procedure? Of course not. It's just that we're now coming to realize the probabilistic nature of getting mammograms. You CAN get false positives. You CAN get false negatives.

So, what do you do? This comes down to a personal decision, and something that is happening more and more within our Culture of Health. That is, we are called upon to be aware, do our own research, and become our own advocate. This is a good thing, but scary because we're given "the odds" rather than certainty.

As I point out in the audio, this is just the state of the science right now. It is what it is.

In a matter of years (or decades, unfortunately), we'll have a system of tests in place that will reduce this ambiguity. It will never replace it as long as biology remains raucously analog, but it will make our decisions easier. Until then, we have to rethink what we thought we knew.

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Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween Horrors For Health

You are not going to believe this article ... it's weird and gross and fascinating all at the same time.

I blather on about it here on my iTunes podcast, but medical science is basically looking at various aspects of Halloween disgusting things ... maggots, vampire bats, parasites, leeches ... you get the drift.

It turns out that each of these staples of cheesy b-film flicks happens to have biological properties that can be adapted for therapeutic purposes!!

Pass this along!! Have a great day today, and let me know your thoughts.

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