Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bad sailing day

This is captain Carla (in silouette). She took us out of the harbor so
we could get going. It was 1:00 by the time we cleared their customs.
Mary and Joseph, you have to clear customs with each of these little

We decided to go to the French side of the island because the food is
said to be better -- no duh, better than Dutch food? That's not EVEN a
fair fight!

It rained and the winds were pathetic. It, honestly, didn't matter
because we were outside on the water on a boat, reading a waterproof
map in my "safety red" gortex rain gear (do you know that they
Actually make gortex foul weather gear in colors like ... Sea blue ...
Just in case you get knocked overboard and don't want to be recognized
by anyone).

Dinner was at an ocean side reggae rib bar, Carib beers, plantains,
beans and rice. The old men were dancing to the live music.

The sky cleared. The sunset peaked through. My mouth scorched with the
Calypso Sauce. It was iconic.

Island food shopping

Took the dingy over to score food from the Grand Marche. After tying
up, we trilled through the aisles:

The meat is not all beet red (it is most often brown), because they
don't use nitrates and nitrites to keep it forever looking as if it
has not been there forever.

We stopped by the French bakery across the street, before heading
home. I got bread, frangipane pastry, and, pain au chocolat. All these
pastries were obtained for science, to make sure that this was an
authentic French bakery and not some imposter.

You have to get (eat) several samples to make sure you can anywhere
near staistical relevance. Remember, this is for science.

A good morning

After a meal of mahi mahi in Creole sauce (awesome), slept under
Orion's watchful shine, slept in late on this water bed, morning
caffeine infusion on the deck.

Very light winds today, and even the 8:00 sun is strong -- we're not
in Pittsburgh anymore Toto.

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