Saturday, May 01, 2010

Free balls w purchase

W the race packet, they give you sneaker balls ( didn't know there WAS
such a thing), socks, and a shirt.

They should have included a rain poncho. It's supposed to thunderstorm

Pre-race day

Massive lines for the packet pickup. 16,000 in this marathon. Dude.

Race starts with the cattle call tomorrow morn at 7:00am. Hope they
have coffee at the water stations!!

Show today

It was a great show. Lisa was a Terrific guest. This is the second
time I've had my guest stay on as essentially a co-host. I like it,
hey Mikey!

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American mortality rates

Today on the show, I'll go over new data on our worsening mortality

You'll never guess who has now passed us!!

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Why I LOVE Weight Watchers

This is a clip from my radio program -- Careful ... sarcasm ahead.

By the way, the show is on every Saturday at noon, and you can listen live at this link.
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