Saturday, November 13, 2010

Radio Program Contents For Saturday (Noon EST)

Here's the flight plan ... for what I'm talking about today (I'm on from 12:00 to 12:30).
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  • Starbucks defeats woman's lawsuit over spilled HOT tea in her lap
  • Mayor of San Fran BANS Happy Meal Toys. A good thing or not? 
  • Caffeine Alcohol Drinks land kids in hospital ... what do we do about that?
  • Data: Chocolate leads to longer lives in women. Surprised?
  • Mailbag: Linda asked about Supplements. I'll follow up to clear the air. 
  • Mailbag: I respond to a question that leads to the USDA, Cheese, and ... incest. 

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7 Reasons Why Congress Should Pass Child Nutrition Now

Get school foods cleaned up with a farm-to-school approach. I would love that ... it makes perfect sense!!

Unfortunately, intuitive correctness is not what we do best. Plus, policymakers allow political realities to justify inaction. I was talking to a director of school food service about this very thing. He said, "Will, I get it, and I agree with you. Eat real food, blah blah blah. But as soon as I let my cafeteria workers actually handle a knife and prepare more food (rather than warm up something frozen from the back of a truck), I've got to renegotiate their Union Contracts. Plus we have a contract w the food provider (Aramark?? I think it was) that constrains what we can and can't provide. It's complicated."

And you want to scream at them ... "These are our children!! Get over your little hurdles and make it happen!!"
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Acne Problems, Drug Treatments May Raise Suicide Risk

Acne meds may contribute to suicidal thoughts. Man. You know what's odd about our culture? We went crazy when some statisticians suggested that screenings for breast cancer weren't really that effective before the age of 40. Can you imagine the audacity of those number crunchers?

But we cling to a clinical "knee jerk reaction" to choose pills as a first pass solution to solve our medical problems. Even if that pill leads to pesky little side effects ... like suicidal thoughts ... it's still our first solution (not the last solution after everything else has failed).

It seems to me that, if there is even a chance that bad mental effect can impact my kids or friends or indeed anyone, then it should be the very last thing that anyone should try.
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Exercise Tips: 8 Gentle Exercises (Photos)

Exercise doesn't have to kill you. This is part of a new awareness in our culture of health -- and it's terrific.

If you love to be athletic and grunt and sweat and no-pain-no-gain your exercise routines, then bless you. But that is by no means the norm. You need to get outside, move your bottom through space for at least 30 minutes per day.

Bottom line? Find something that's fun to do. Do that. These pics are from the 8 fun activities recommended by (not in MY order of preference). Tai Chi, Simple Stretching, Sex, Pilates, Golfing, Yoga, Swimming, Aerobics

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Marilyn Monroe’s Stuffing Recipe Stars in a Remake

A new book entitled “Fragments” (Farrar, Straus & Giroux; $30) collects assorted letters, poems and back-of-the-envelope scribblings that span the time from Monroe’s first marriage in 1943 to her death in 1962. 
Not known as a "foodie", a recipe for either chicken or turkey stuffing was found scrawled -- haphazardly -- on stationery with a letterhead from a title insurance company. 
It sounds as if this recipe is written out in descriptive form ... not like a science experiment, with precise ingredients in precise amounts but in the same way that you or I might throw a well known dish together in our own homes. 
I read the article in the NYTimes about the recipe, and it sounds a little fussy, actually. For me, one of the things I love about stuffing (besides eating it) is that it's dirt simple to prepare. Marilyn's had 11 ingredients, 3 different kinds of nuts, 5 different spices, a bread loaf soaked in water, wrung dry and shredded, and nothing really to bind it together.
Her "back of the envelope" scrawling shows a fundamental familiarity in the kitchen, and of cooking. When one thinks of the glamorous and tortured Marilyn Monroe, you don't think Norman Rockwell as much as Loaded Bombshell. But even she cooked!! 
The actual recipe is in the book, and I almost want to buy the 30 dollar book JUST FOR THE RECIPE. That's sick, I know, and I also know that the publisher is counting on silly people like me to do just that. :) 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The 5 Biggest Thanksgiving Turkey Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Great article about the upcoming T-Day and Turkey!!

I would like to add to this, that brining the turkey the day before is a great idea to pump up the flavor and to help keep it moist. Osmosis rules!!
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Are Fast Food Chains Really Getting Healthier?

Check out this video report on fast food chains. The authors of this story seem shocked that the fast food stores they visited did not PUSH healthy food choices on them. This is kind of silly. The restaurant is not going to work against themselves, they want to serve more and more food to more and more people, whether that food is healthy or not.

Healthy fast food options are present because there is a demand for them, pure and simple. It's not because they're committed to our health (obviously).

The bottom line? We need to be responsible for our own choices, and don't assume that the food choices you have in front of you are healthy. This is particularly true for the foods we buy for our children.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Happy Meal Unchanged After 6 Months: Unique To McDonald's? [UPDATED]

Great article showing that McDonalds Happy Meals do not decay. Like those plastic Barbie Burgers, these things are INERT to living organisms. Listen. Bacteria won't even eat their food. Isn't that clue number 1 that YOU shouldn't eat it either??

Look, there is nothing at all wrong with eating out, and I'm certain that even fast food chains have some decent choices. That said, as a rule, this just shows how unnatural, otherworldly, and built-for-­a-nuclear-­winter this particular Happy McProduct is.

Any comment from the McDonalds organization (in the last part of this article) must be lame, necessarily, because they will defend their products no matter what. Whether their products are awful or wonderful, you will hear the same Happy McSong from them. It's unfortunate that the very organization you should be turning to in order to get the real scoop (McD) is the very one that has a vested interest in telling an overly Happy McStory.

So, I'm going to go out on a limb here, and propose something dramatic ... Go to Target or somewhere, buy a 39cent bauble, and give it to your children with the food you make at home.

Then, at dinner, practice this crazy rule. Eat the food. Don't eat the plastic, even if it's shaped like a burger and fries. Just sayin'.
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Sunday, November 07, 2010

New Weight-Loss Drug Bloats Your Stomach to Make You Eat Less

Hi Mama Nutrition. I am so sorry, I think my comments were misunderstood. Bariatric surgery, whether through banding or Roux-en-Y, is an effective treatment for obesity. You are absolutely correct about this.

My comment was to point out that, in the times when it does fails as a method to sustain weight loss over the long term (as it can almost 20% of the time), the reason is most often because patients haven't changed unhealthy eating behaviors.

As for me, I teach people healthy eating behaviors in corporations, hospitals, and wellness centers. Actually, we just started working with a hospital to work with bariatric, cancer recovery, and mid-life patient populations. So I have some familiarity at least :).

Thank you so much for your comment. I hope that clarified my intent somewhat!
About Health
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Diabetes Diet: Diabetes Is on the Rise, But There's a Solution

Very good comments. In addition, it is important to remember that the Mediterranean diet is composed not only of what they eat, but also HOW they eat it. This article is correct that there is room for optimism regarding the persistence of "diabesity" in the US. However, changing around the foods, even if they are healthy foods, is an incomplete solution. The behavioral habits of healthy cultures are critical to any successful approach -- particularly if you want to achieve a long term solution.
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New Weight-Loss Drug Bloats Your Stomach to Make You Eat Less

Using this gel, Attiva, to control eating behavior is pathetic. This is nothing more than treating the symptoms of bad behaviors. In this article, you asked whether this "Might this be the answer to our ever-increasing problem with obesity?"

Of course not, and for the same reason that surgical treatments for obesity fail -- because you don't treat the actual problem, which are the behavioral habits themselves.
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The Pursuit of HAPPYness: San Fran Bans the Happy Meal

I agree completely. The toy is tyranny. Just like any other "free gift with purchase" is an awful act -- how do you think Sadam Hussein got his minions to do his bidding? He said, "but wait, there's more. You also get Ginsu knives and a bamboo steamer.

Remember, we can't make up our own minds, and so big mean corporations like McDonalds have a responsibility to NOT try to market their products to their customers. For example, it's a horrible tyrannical act for them to have a clown that kids might like -- the horrors, the horrors. Plus, this dastardly McEvil company put in playgrounds to lure in the children, just like the hook-nosed "candy man" in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. This author has revealed a prime example of Toy Terrorism precisely because parents don't make the decisions for their kids, and they have zero will power to resist the opium of the cheap. Plastic. Toy.

But there's a bright side. I think we should take the strategy of Darth McDonald's and run with it. We should have thrown a bauble in with the Health Care Reform bill. If Obama had added a plastic Boener Bobble-Head, suddenly all the Republicans would have been mesmerized, and no longer able to think for themselves. Genius!

Yes, I love the analysis here because I, too, believe that we are all mindless, hapless victims. Sheep. And, we should have no parental responsibility for our actions.
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