Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Guess Who Is The Largest Fast Food Chain Now

Good News!! McDonald's is no longer the world's largest restaurant chain. That honor now goes to Subway.
Of course, there are items at Subway that you should avoid (like the monster Meatball and Cheese sub) ... and there are things at a McDonalds that are not bad for you (like their salads). 
But, what this tells us is that the culture is starting to shift around us, as people start choosing options that are generally, in the main, healthier for us. 

The Data
The sandwich giant just passed the golden arches in terms of number of locations, according to the Wall Street Journal. Subway had 33,749 restaurants open worldwide at the end of 2010.
McDonald's had just 32,737 locations open by the same point, the corporation disclosed in SEC filings.
According to the WSJ, the chain just opened its 1000th location in Asia, and sees international growth as the future.

Subway Passes McDonald's To Become The World's Largest Restaurant Chain

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

CafeWell: This is kind of like, Wellness 2.0

I'm working with these guys on a project called CafeWell. It's really awesome because it breaks new ground on corporate wellness. 

You know how the idea of "Web 2.0" fundamentally changed the internet from a huge electronic database of information glut overload ... into an interactive medium where people can contribute to each other? That's exactly what CafeWell is starting, but for your health. 

It's something I'm calling Wellness 2.0. 

Rather than tell you, I'll just show you the TV interview I did with Jackie Cassel of HealthAmerica Insurance on this very topic. Here is the YouTube Video of our TV interview on The CafeWell Solution to Corporate Wellnesswww.youtube.com/watch?v=tgWX7bUmn8k

You don't have to be in a company to take a look -- and it's FREE. Click here for the link: 

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