Saturday, June 04, 2011

My Radio Show Today: Dr Death Death; There's E-coli in Hamburg; Food Pyramid Power Failure

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This week on the show we are talking about the non-changes to the non-effective food pyramid. 

The e-coli scare in Germany (finally, it's not in OUR food!!). 

My special guest is allergy specialist Dr Kumar Patel, who will talk about why we have the problems we do, and what to do about them!!  

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Friday, June 03, 2011

Food Pyramid Is Like Shag Carpets

This is a case of "the more things change, the more they stay the same." 

Remember a long time ago when they told us to just eat The Four Basic Food Groups? That worked pretty well for a while, but we got fatter and fatter and more and more unhealthy, year by year. 

So we punted. We tried something that will help us make the changes to head off this problem before it got too severe. Enter the food pyramid that the food industry hated because it didn't encourage people to overeat everything in sight.  

That will help, for sure!! 

Since then, our overweight and obesity has done nothing but increase. Whatever Pyramid Power we thought would come from that graphic as clearly run out of electricity, because we threw it away and traded it in for the Rainbow Pyramid that didn't make anyone angry because no one could understand it. 

Just confuse people and they won't complain so much. 

Now we are going to try something completely different ... wait for it ... Four Basic Food Groups. This one, however, is unlike the original one we jettisoned so long ago because THAT one was shown on a square. The new modern one is shown on a circle

Seriously? It's the same thing, only recycled like old fashions. Do you love straight leg jeans? Just wait a few years, it will be back. Those of you who are ancient crusty fossils like me remember shag carpets, lava lamps, and embarrassingly bad hair. If you wait long enough, "preppy" will be back IN; cottons will be replaced by synthetics; and, who knows, we might even see Shoulder Pads. 

Like a social fad, the old advice has become the new advice in an approximately 30 cycle. What HASN'T reset it self to the beginning again is our incredible health problems. If only we could turn back the clock on that! 

Pyramid tossed, dinner plate is new U.S. meals plan | Reuters

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why Cigarettes are Amazing: WHO | Reuters

A man smokes next to a ''No Smoking'' sign in downtown Shanghai April 27, 2011. REUTERS/Carlos Barria
Cigarettes are amazing for a couple of reasons:

1) They are allowed to be sold to people. Somehow, this industry has managed to convince the people who "safeguard" our food products that it's okay to sell consumers products that KILL THEM. 

Cigarettes are lethal. So lethal in fact that the WHO has just estimated that they will be killing 8 million people per year by the year 2030. 
If you are KILLING PEOPLE, but you do it anyway, what does that make you? Are you culpable?  

Not if you're in this industry, because they are so amazing, apparently, that they are exempt from this little nettle. 

2. Cigarettes are addictive
What food company wouldn't want to put an addictive drug in their product? I do!! I want to make Crack Ho-Hos. Just throw some addictive substance in there as a "flavor enhancer" and people will line up for it!! My Crack Ho Hos would be so popular, and I could sell them to Asian markets, pay my enormous taxes, and everyone would be happy. 

How addictive are cigarettes? Well, when you smoke, you stink. Your clothes stink. Your breath stinks. Dude, your hair stinks. How addictive MUST it be to make your continual, wretching stench worth it?  THATs how addictive it is. 

So yes, cigarettes are amazing -- that they are allowed to be sold to people ... to addict them ... and to kill them. Just amazing. 
Smoking could kill 8 million a year by 2030: WHO | Reuters

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

"relaxation’ brownies"? Does the FDA need to step in?

Great question. One sitting US Senator thinks so. Senator Dick Durbin is urging the FDA to take a stand. 

Hash brownies are one thing ... but what are "relaxation brownies"? They are brownies laced with melatonin. This is a totally slippery slope because melatonin supplements are widely marketed to promote sleep and can be bought over the counter in the United States. 

Melatonin-containing brownies and cakes, under brand names like Lazy Cakes, Kush Cakes and Lulla Pies, have made headlines in the past week, with two Massachusetts mayors calling for the products to be banned. They claim that the products appeal to children, even though Lazy Cakes’ website explicitly says that the brownies are intended for adults only.

What's the problem?
Dietary supplements do not need to establish evidence of their products’ safety and effectiveness or require pre-market approval. Not at all. Nothing. Honestly, you could be buying anything!

So, to then put that in a food product crosses a line, because that food product actually does have to be shown to be safe. The people who make the supplements infer that -- because melatonin is sold in pills, it should also be able to be sold in foods. 

That's what Sen Durbin got all up in arms: 
In a letter to FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg, Durbin wrote: “The website for Lazy Cakes claims their product is, ‘a delicious, chocolate alternative to medication and harmful narcotics to help you safely relax and fall asleep.’ These products appear to be promoting themselves as therapeutic alternatives to medications. As such, the products may be marketed in ways that are inconsistent with federal law.”"

Senator Durbin urges FDA action on ‘relaxation’ brownies

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