Saturday, July 02, 2011

Mediterranean Wellness at sea

Bringing the Mediterranean lifestyle back home.

The mistral is finally letting up enough for us to leave Santa Teresa, here on the northern most tip of Sardinia.

Only a few more days to go before I have to leave this beautiful place. I want to put it all in my carry-on bag and bring the lifestyle (and the food!!) back home.

The food?, I can reproduce that at home -- somewhat, at least. But the lifestyle is tougher, once you step back into the Class 5 rapids of the American lifestyle.

I had a lunch yesterday with an Italian guy from Santa Teresa yesterday, and it lasted for over an hour and a half. We talked the whole time, and my plate of sea bass and potatoes (there were about 6 slices of potatoes on the plate) in a sauce of white wine and lemon and probably butter was not in a monster portion size, but it was incredibly satisfying.

I can make that fish at home (and I can't WAIT to make that fish at home), but it's tough to take the time you need to digest your food, to enjoy your food. Most of the time?, that 90 minute lunch just isn't going to happen.

So the only thing to actually do is to grab the moments when you can -- with your kids, with your friends, with the people you love in your life -- and connect with them in the few minutes that we do have.

Thats the best way i know of to bring something of this lifestyle back home. Oh yeah, and only eat incredible food ;)

Talk to you soon,

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mediterranean Wellness at sea

How To Eat Light:

In our last day in Bonifacio, I had one of those days where I just wasn't hungry, throughout the day.

So much good food, but no real appetite to eat it with!! I wasn't ill, I just wasn't that hungry.

Thinking back to the day before, I had had an evening meal with fish soup (w the croutons, rouille, and Parmesan ... Oh la la), followed by a sea bass filet in a white sauce w capers and diced sautéed egg plant, followed by a selection of Corsican cheeses.

All portions were modest, and the whole meal took about two hours overlooking the incoming boats along the quay. But even at that, I felt satisfied throughout the next day.

I think this is how it works -- higher quality food leads in the end to lower quantity consumption. Cravings go away.

But when i tell people that i had a light eating day, they often look at me like i have two heads ... And thats because so many of you eat whether you are hungry or not.

• "I have to eat lunch because someone told me to";
• "I have to eat every three hours because I read something about this new diet theory;
• "I have to eat breakfast because if I don't, by 10:30, I may wither up like the Wicked Witch -- 'I'm melting, melting. Ah, what a world, what a world' -- from the hunger."

We all need to be more intuitive about our eating, hunger and satiety. Face it, you're going to have days when you're just not hungry. When that happens, enjoy your light eating day.

And all you need to do to have those wonderful light eating days is to listen to your body, and honor the feelings you feel.

Oh, and don't eat just to eat just to eat, just because someones theory told you to.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Mediterranean Wellness at sea

Irony: the coma of my iPhone.

Life us just like this. I was in a lovely port, sipping my coffee and had just started my blog post about the surprising freedom that comes from imposed inconvenience.

In other words, here?, the grocery stores?, they close at 1:00 and don't reopen until 5:00!! We have gotten nailed by this little cultural oddity 3 times now. In each case we did something cool: took a nap (1), went for a walk (2), had a little coffee in a lovely port (3).

So, there I was typing on my iPhone, blogging about how much freedom comes from this kind of enforced inconvenience. Felling good about it all.

I didn't get quite done w the post, but had to get back to the boat with our crew mates. I was just going to finish up back there.

However, sometimes the Universe says, "be careful what you ask for because you just might get it!"

I was driving the rather tiny, and so was sitting on the back corner of the thing. When we got to the boat and offloaded, at the very moment that the last person (besides me) stepped down on the front of the dingy, then on to the boat, it popped the front into the air, and made me flip head over heels backward, into the drink -- iPhone in my pocket.

There were some colorful words uttered and sputtered as I clambered back on board, and we quickly discovered that the iPhone was, at the very least, in a deep coma after its dunking.

So, with my article on the wonderfulness of forced inconvenience still half-way written on my phone, I was oh so inconveniently deprived of my iPhone, email, and blah blah blah.

(btw, iPhone coma update ... It is still in it's coma, but responds when I plug it in and turn it on ... It's got total amnesia, and every every every thing on it has been erased. It doesn't even know me anymore!! Sniff.)

How inconvenient!!

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