Monday, January 16, 2012

Video: How Harvard Disses Dairy ... and WHY?

The USDA has been producing dietary guidelines for about 100 years now. 

The picture has gone from a PIE, to a square, to a pyramid, to a "rainbow pyramid", to a circular plate. 

In this interview, I talk about how this change happened, WHY it happened, and the controversy around it.  

I have to say that, for those who are anti-dairy, you may have issues with this piece ... I hope not. When Harvard's School of Public Health  dislodged dairy from the Healthy Eating Plate, it seemed kind of weird, and out of the blue. 

So I started reading about their reasoning, and kept coming up with concerns that the Dairy industry has too much influence in policy making.  

Dude, stick to nutrition. It either is okay for you or it is not. I actually agree with them that the overlap between the food industry and the food regulators is WAY too cozy. 

But you are the Harvard School of Public Health, not the Harvard School of Public Policy. 

Later in the document, Harvard said that the USDA was recommending that you drink MORE milk. However, the recommendations for milk consumption have never increased (it's always been ~2-3 cups per day). 

How could they get that wrong? 

Finally, if you have TOO MUCH milk, they say, you could get ovarian or prostate cancer. Really? The "slippery slope argument? Here's the problem with this concern: 

  • If you drink too much water, you'll get hyponatremia and die. 
  • If you have too much wine you'll get cirrhosis of the liver ... 
  • if you have too much meat you could harm your kidneys or heart ... 
  • heck, if you have too much fiber, you're going to be sorry!! 

This is so unfortunate, coming from an institution that I respect so much. They sound overtly political, and come off sounding a bit petty, as if they have an ax to grind.  

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