Friday, February 24, 2012

New Anti-Stroke Drug: The Orange

I want the patent on this really cool new anti-stroke medication called ... "the orange". 

It's a brand new drug that has many features you don't see in other drugs. 

1. It comes pre-sliced. 
2. You can take it on an empty stomach
3. It's chewable, AND available in liquid form

What Are The Data?
Women with the highest levels of the flavanone (found in oranges) in their diet were 19% less likely to have an ischemic stroke. They followed these women during 14 years of follow-up (P=0.04).
Citrus fruit is the main source of these antioxidants. By the way, the juice of these fruits also showed a similar effect (reported in the April issue of Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association).
Everyone always thinks about Vitamin C in terms of protecting your cardiovascular system, but in this analysis of the Nurses' Health Study, the vitamin didn't correlate with total or ischemic stroke.
Bottom Line
Unless you're a researcher or follow nutrition like March Madness, all this will sound like blah blah blah to you. The bottom line is that you need to take your one-a-day, every day. And that healthy one-a-day?? It's called a piece of fruit. 
By the way, this particular stroke preventer also happens to be really tasty!! 

Medical News:An Orange a Day Keeps Stroke Away - in Cardiovascular, Prevention from MedPage Today

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Daily diet soda may increase risk of heart attack, stroke: study | Reuters

Here's what the researchers found ... (from the Journal of General Internal Medicine) older adults who drank diet soda every day were 44 percent more likely to suffer a heart attack.

44 percent!! That's a HUGE number.

Here's the caveat. 
Their research showed a correlation between 2 things -- more diet soda = more heart disease. That said, it may be something else about this population of diet soda drinkers that caused the heart attacks ... Maybe diet soda drinkers are ALREADY overweight and so ALREADY have risk factors for heart disease.

Maybe maybe maybe.

Honestly? It may also be that diet sodas only contribute to the problem, but don't cause it all by itself. So, science has some work to do over the next few years to tease apart this little puzzle and decide whether diet soda 

  1. has nothing to do with the problem, 
  2. contributes to the problem, 
  3. or causes it outright. 

Until then, what are YOU supposed to do? 
Basically, you have to choose whether to believe that the 44 percent increase in heart disease risk can be explained away by something else ... anything else. And, truly, that may ultimately turn out to be the final result of all the experiments over the next decade or so.

In the interim, while you're waiting on science's gavel to come down on this issue, a safe bet might be to have one of these crazy new alternative zero-calorie drinks called ... water or tea. I think the science is already sorted out on those.

Daily diet soda may increase risk of heart attack, stroke: study | Reuters

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