Friday, March 16, 2012

News Update: FoodNavigator USA Launches New Jobs Service

FoodNavigator Jobs USA - the new jobsite from the world's premier food and beverage news network!

Find a dream role with one of America's leading food and beverage companies at FoodNavigator Jobs USA!

FoodNavigator USA is proud to announce the launch of its new jobs service, FoodNavigator Jobs USA.

With our new platform you can search hundreds of vacancies posted by American food manufacturers, processors, ingredient suppliers and laboratories – throughout the industry:

  • Senior management
  • Marketing executives
  • Salespeople
  • Food technologists
  • R&D scientists
  • Engineers
  • Lab technicians


Find a Job now!

Search for a job!

You can post your resume so employers can find you, sign up for job alerts by email and use the advanced online tools to manage your search, from application right through to your job offer.

The site also features regular articles on careers and employement issues by FoodNavigator USA's specialist food industry journalists.

Your ideal job is waiting for you today at FoodNavigator Jobs USA!


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Monday, March 12, 2012

Video: Sleep Solutions

Sleep gets tougher as we get older. But why IS that? 

And who cares anyway? It's just sleep, right? It is a zero calorie activity, whether I'm laying in my be awake, or completely out cold. 

So what difference does it make? 

It turns out to make a huge difference whether you are sleeping well, or sleeping poorly. And, that effect is not just about whether you have bags under your eyes or not!! It's also about you likelihood of getting sick, of getting diabetes, of gaining weight, of being cognitively "all there." 

This video talks about the neuroscience nature of sleep, cognitive costs of sleeplessness, and what we can do about it. 

Let me know your thoughts!!

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