Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Dietary Equivalent of "Spending To Save"

Here's the question posed in this recent article in The USA TODAY: 

"Is oversnacking becoming the norm in our nation?"

I don't even consider this a real question. It's rhetorical, because it's obvious that we are snacking all the time. 

And while our chronic consumption takes us throughout any given day, people scratch their heads, open up a bag of gummy worms, and ponder how much our genes may be playing a role in the problem, or perhaps our blood type, or whatever.

It's like we're total in dietary denial about the problem. For example, check out the bizarre logic to this sentence from this article:
I have often advocated a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack to prevent impulsive eating and energy slumps that result from dips in blood sugar.  

Wait. So ... you are going to TELL PEOPLE to eat compulsively through the day ... to prevent eating impulsively through the day? This is the dietary equivalent of "spending to save"? Who does that make sense to?

When we were healthy as a culture ... when did we eat? We ate at meal times. Same genes, same blood type, same people. We just didn't eat all the, all the, all the time. So close up the gummy worms and stop eating between meals ... just like we did when we were healthy. Maybe that's a start.

Is oversnacking becoming the norm in our nation? -

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