Monday, August 20, 2012

A New Bone Building Booster Drug. You've got to see this.

The only hitch with this new wonder drug is that it takes ~17 minutes per day to administer such an incredible miracle. 

But I think that, once you hear what it does, you'll have no hesitations in getting this drug every day, if necessary, to save your thinning bones. 

Here's what it does in two steps:

  1. First of all, your bones will sometimes build more bone tissue. This drug amps up the process so your bones rebuild themselves. 
  2. Next, sometimes your bones can turn off the rebuilding process. This drug keeps that slowdown from happening.  

So, when you take this med, you're building more and breaking down less. How cool is that? 

Like I said, this is an amazing new pharmaceutical that takes about 17 minutes per day ... but don't worry if you have a busy day, because you don't even have to go through the drug administration all at one sitting. You can infuse this drug a little now and a little later, as long as you get at least 17 or more minutes of it in, in a given day. 

It's an over-the-counter drug, too, which is awesome. You know what it's called? Exercise. Other generic version names? Activity, movement, gettin' off the couch ... you may have heard of it. 

Simple activity, to the tune of at least 17 minutes per day INCREASES the "serum-insulin-like growth factor" by a whopping 107%. This molecule is seen whenever your bones rebuild themselves. At least 17 minutes of activity per day DECREASES the "serum sclerostin" by 36.8%. This molecule is seen when your bones are decreasing bone formation.  

WARNING: This drug can be addictive, and side effects include greater energy, toned muscles, and smaller pants. Ask your doctor if smaller pants is right for you. 

STUDY: Exercise Is Good for Women's Bones

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