Friday, April 12, 2013

Official Recommendation From Health Authorities? Take Pills For Life.

When that's all you've got, that's when you know you're lost. 

When your official recommendation (these are from Canada, eh?) defaults to pharmaceuticals over lifestyle changes that free you from those pills, you're committed to Treatment over Prevention. 

CDA Guidelines (Link To Full Guidelines Here )All patients with diabetes should start taking statins when they turn 40 and blood pressure drugs when they turn 55, even if they have no other risk factors at the time, according to new Canadian guidelines.

The guidelines also recommend that those over 30 who have had diabetes for at least 15 years also should start on statins, according to Alice Cheng, MD, of St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto, who is chair of the guideline committee.

Here is my version:
Pills are for sick people. If you are sick, take your meds. However, if you are taking pills,  your body is broken and you should direct your activities to "right the ship" with the goal of being pill-free as quickly as possible, for as long as possible. Here's the logic: if people never ever have to take a pill, then they are healthy. That is our goal. 

Toward this end, all patients with diabetes should be counseled by their physician to eat real food only. Whether at 30, or 40, or 55, patients should be counseled by the physician to eat in control, and control excess eating volume through their behavior. Patients should be counseled by their physician on best-practices to be more active, and control stress. 

The resultant weight loss, glucose control, and cholesterol stabilization should be monitored through subsequent visits. By all means, our official recommendation is to still take the free swag from the pharmaceutical reps, just don't prescribe the products unless the ongoing preventive remedies have failed, and there is no other choice.  

But that's just me. I believe Prevention is cheaper than Treatment. If we get people off meds, some company may lose market share, but patients will be healthier, our health care system will be cheaper. Win, win. 

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Chocolate Made With Fruit Juice Has Half The Fat Content Of Conventional Products

Why mess with my chocolate? Sure you CAN do it, but why?

The cocoa butter they are trying to eliminate helps control cravings by stimulating satiety hormones. That same fat turns out to be heart healthy! See this article from the Cleveland Clinic (

Better Living Through Chemistry definitely doesn't apply in this case. Just have your solid dark chocolate, have it in control, and your heart (and mouth!!) will be happier for it :)
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Healthiest sources of caffeine ... corrected

This AOL infographic is interesting, but misleading. Of course, plain black coffee is wicked healthy for you, as is Green, Black, and Oolong tea. 

But soda? With its phosphoric acid that can contribute to brittle bones? They list this as "even better". Weird. I'm guessing that this should NOT be on any list that that has the word Healthy in it, unless it is immediately preceded by the word NOT.

The energy drinks at the bottom are also not recommended, making me wonder just who put this list together. 

Finally, a note about the caffeine content in chocolate. This is a persistent confusion between caffeine itself and theobromine, which is a very similar alkaloid. The pharmacological effects of theobromine are about 100x weaker by comparison (see 

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

L-Carnitine, Nutrient In Red Meat, Linked With Heart Disease

Does red meat cause heart disease? Who knows? There are associations between high red meat consumption and heart disease, but there could be reasons for that correlation -- it's not so simple to proclaim or even implicate that "Red meat causes heart disease."

All this article does ( is give a molecular pathway to explain how L-carnitine could, hypothetically, harden your arteries. Whether it's a dietary darth vader for your heart, in vivo, for a person eating a nice filet mignon once per month or even once per week as a part of a normal dietary mix of veg/fruit, is not explored at all. In fact, another weakness in this article is that they talk about high consumption of red meat, but don't say what "high consumption" even means.

The more worrisome part to me is that the mice given the same kind of supplements we sell in, quote, health food stores produced hardening of the arteries -- not some metabolic bi-product that could have a downstream effect if all the variables of all their theories turn out to be correct. Actual hardening of the arteries, to the tune of double, 2x, twice, 100% more actual arterial effects. ... "We saw that carnitine supplements doubled the rates of atherosclerosis in the mice"

I think that if we just ate food, and ate small, the impact of the carnitine on actual artery hardening might not be an issue. But again, that study hasn't been done.
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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Chocolate Weight Loss? Cool Data:

I'm writing my next book at this moment, which is going to be on chocolate and weight loss. 

This morning I ran across this article that has just been pubbed (see below): "Cocoa polyphenols suppress adipogenesis in vitro and obesity in vivo ..."

The healthy stuff in cocoa reduces the creation of fat cells in laboratory experiments. And, it lowers obesity in live animal models. 

Is this perfect? I have tons of references showing the impact of chocolate on weight loss, diabetes, heart health, and on and on. It's a Super Food. But this article is spot on. Not only does the cocoa in chocolate help inhibit the formation of fat in the lab, it does it in living animals as well. 

Hey, we're living animals? I think I'll have some chocolate and think this over. 

International Journal of Obesity - Abstract of article: Cocoa polyphenols suppress adipogenesis in vitro and obesity in vivo by targeting insulin receptor

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Diabetes Research Focuses Heavily On Treatments, Not Prevention, Study Finds

Diabetes prevention strategies. Check out the things in this article associated with diabetes prevention -- like, cheese, nuts, wine, a walk. Sounds a lot like the Mediterranean dietary approach. Interesting, too, that those who live a lifestyle close to this pattern tend, statistically, to have a reduced risk of getting diabetes.

Within the corporate wellness programs I run, even those participants who aren't living in Spain or Italy or Greece can still learn to eat well, manage their blood sugar, control eating volume and add activity to their daily lives.

We can do this. We can reverse the curse. I believe the population-wide slide into overweight, diabetes, and heart disease can be overcome. But, honestly, it requires improving our disordered Culture of Health by educating people -- at a grassroots level of normal people living everyday lives. The change must come from us, from below.
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April Superfoods: 5 In-Season Picks

Stunned spinach is amazing. Just throw it in a pan with EVOO, S&P, until they're just soft. Of course, some sliced almonds and dried cherries wouldn't hurt either! By the way, your non-heme sources of iron require a little Vitamin C on board to help them be more fully absorbed into your body. So, when you serve the stunned spinach, squeeze half of an orange over the top. Mmmm.
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Monday, April 08, 2013

Healthy Breakfast Roundup: Your Favorite Morning Eats (PHOTOS)

Best breakfast ever? Southwestern huevos.

Start with a bed of black beans, steaming hot and spiced with some chili powder, cumin, S&P. On top of this is placed, with love, crumbled feta to give it a little salty somthin somethin. Next in this pile of wonderfulness is your egg, which should honestly be is done over easy so you get that nice yellow yolk of yumminess throughout.

Now, top the egg with a salsa made with a lovely duo of diced tomatoes and diced onions. But they're made even tastier by bathing them in a basic salad dressing mix of EVOO and balsamic vinegar. Finally, you'll need a little green snap to round things out. So, if you have them, add a sprinkle of either scallions or chives.

You're going to love this!
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