Thursday, July 23, 2015

Snails need Cocoa too.

If you're a snail ... just sayin ... IF you were a snail slithering through your life in the pond, and wanted to exercise your brain cell, you might want to have a little dark chocolate and red wine to complement your algae salad.

This study showed that snails are better at forming long term memories when they have the epicatechins found in cocoa, red wine, and green tea.

And they're even better at it when snail stressors are around (what is it that stresses out a snail? Having a Bad Shell Day? Pond scum? Sassy teenage tadpoles who totally think they know everything?).

In any case, the idea is that these epicatechins can work in these super simple biological systems to help improve memory, even in the presence of things that normally inhibit them.

So if you're ever feeling sluggish, now you know what to do!

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